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The Best Preschool for your child in Trichy

Introduce your child to India’s first SteadFast Learning Pedagogy enabled classrooms only at

Smart Ninja Global Pre School.

A preschool is your child’s first experience away from you.

At Smart Ninja, we make sure it is memorable, fun and engaging for your child.

SteadFast Learning Pedagogy

Want your children to be creators of Knowledge from being mere consumers of Knowledge?

Equipped with SteadFast Learning, classes at Smart Ninja imbibe creation from the start. 

Right from Play Group onwards, your child will be exposed to more than 1000+ multi-disciplinary activities which strengthen their fundamental skills and assist in developing milestones, which are very important than mere reading & writing skills.

We recognize that the preschool years are crucial, as they form the setting in which a child learns how to become a student. We believe it is absolutely necessary that teachers nurture an emotionally secure environment in which their young children can enjoy the learning process and excel and evolve within it. 


The Philosophy at Smart Ninja

A happy child approaches learning with a calm, eager mind. To that end, we promote a sense of classroom-as-community, a comfortable yet stimulating setting that encourages a child’s natural curiosity and hunger for understanding. We seek, with care, to build explorers, thinkers, and adventurers.

Use of the Scientific Method - Questioning

We place the child in a context where he or she will raise questions about his/her surroundings. The child first wonders, then hypothesizes, then experiments, finally observing his / her results and answering the original question, complete with the satisfaction of self-accomplishment. This approach is traditionally associated with science, but for children, it is how they grow to understand the perpetual novelties of their environment. In our classroom, the child is always a full participant in his / her learning. The teacher acts as a mentor with no pre-established answer.

Learning through Manipulation - Play.

 When children physically manipulate the world around them, they are experimenting, feeling things, handling things, and attempting to make sense of what they observe. We use play as a medium for guided exploration; our children make discoveries then translate those discoveries into knowledge and, finally, into understanding. Play is the child’s work, through which they begin to use reason, organize their thoughts abstractly, and make predictions.

The Importance of the Arts - Expression

A free imagination is essential to the learning process, especially in young children. Painting, theatre, music, and other combinations of art and movement provide a mixture of creativity and self-expression with the physical experimentation that underpins a child’s intellectual development. Art also allows children to explore and express their feelings through a medium other than speech, to embrace rather than fear strong emotions, and to master them. The child then comes to better understand him or herself, as well as his / her fellow students, who often share the same feelings but may express them in different ways.

Everything FIRST for your Child

Safety FIRST

CCTV Surveillance and All Safe Corners in all areas


Child centric learning curriculum powered by FlintoClass


Large Indoor and Outdoor Play Area for Free Play Sessions


Theme based, age-appropirate multi disciplinary experiences

Programs & Learning Outcomes


Play Group

Eligibility: 1.8 years to 2.5 years

Born on or before: Oct 1st, 2018

School Timing: 9.30 AM - 11.30 AM

✅ Classes feature sensorial and practical life materials, movement, music, art and more. 

✅ Classroom promotes physical and language development. 

✅ 300+ activities on 4 domains of development during a year.

✅ The very healthy student-teacher ratio of 6:1 to promote individual attention.

School Photo Gallery


Admission Process

Visit the School

Fill Enquiry Form

Tour the premises

Take Demo Class

Attend Orientation

Transfer the Fees

Fill the application

Talk with Admission Co-Ordinator

Frequently asked questions

How do i enroll my child at Smart Ninja Global Pre School?

To enrol your child at Smart Ninja Global Pre Schoo, please < > - takes to enrol now form.

What curriculum does Smart Ninja follow?

At Smart Ninja Global Pre School, we follow FlintoClass Curriculum, which is inspired by the best of Waldorf, John Dewey, Multiple Intelligence and Play-way learning systems.

What is the medium of instruction in the school?

For Play Group and Pre KG, we recommend teachers use a coloqiual mix of English and regional language since the child will not be inept with just teaching in English, however for the Kindergarten Classes, the medium of instruction is English.

Will my child nap at school?

Our younger classes have a daily scheduled nap time. All Kids Day Out students (except 3 year olds) need to bring a nap mat and anything that will help them rest in the afternoon (a special blanket or lovie if they have one). Most classes nap between 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM, but each class sets their own schedule and your teacher will post this outside the door. Our 3, 4 and 5-year-olds have a short rest time each day, but no nap.

What do I need to pack for my child?

Each school day, you will need to pack a healthy snack, lunch and water bottle. We ask that you pack all items ready to eat. We work up an appetite playing and learning! Your child will also need a change of clothes inside a zip-top plastic bag in their bag every day just in case there is an accident. You will also provide diapers for your own child until they are potty-trained. Some children also nap at school and will need a nap mat.

What is the school timings for different classes?

The school opens at 9.00 am and attends to students from 9.30 AM onwards. Play Group - 9.30 AM - 11.30 AM Pre KG - 9.30 AM - 12.30 PM LKG - 9.30 AM - 2.00 PM UKG - 9.30 AM - 3.00 PM

Does Smart Ninja has day care services?

Yes. Day Care services are available from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm for working parents. Day Care services are available along with various activity programs to enrich the time spent by your kids in the school.

Is Smart Ninja Global School recognized by the Government?

Currently our school is under the process of getting recognized by the Goverment. We believe, we have facilities that are mandated by the G.O, passed by the Government of Tamil Nadu. In the spirit of transparency, we have obtained Stability Certificate, Fire Department - No objection Certificate, Water Certificate and are awaiting on the Sanitary Certificate to get recognised by the Education Department. Do look out for this space for any updates on the progress of recognition.

Meet our Team

Mr. Vinod Kumar

Chief Education Officer

Mrs. Mala

Center Head - Thillai Nagar

Mrs. Kavitha

Admission Co-ordinator

Mrs. Sadhana

Play Group Incharge

Mrs. Athulya

KG Incharge

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Smart Ninja Global Pre School

D38, 10th Cross Further Extension,

80 Feet Road, Thillai Nagar West,

Tiruchirappalli - 620018

0431 - 3550 562 | 98404 81584



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